One woman’s story

People all over the world have stories to share…

Some incredible, some familiar;                                     all pixels in the vibrant collage of global life.

“I could have been a wife, with kids at home.                   At night when I sleep, I cry when I remember that.”

Imani – Just here suffering

Documenting their stories illuminates faces and amplifies calls of individuals who might otherwise go unseen and unheard beyond the sounds of their own voices. Driving my interest in multimedia portraiture is the potential for shedding a flicker of light on everyday struggles across the cultures. Particularly compelling to me are similarities between challenges facing the world’s mothers, sisters and daughters; and their resilience in the darkest hours.

“Because she is somebody who’s fighting so hard against the odds… Because the deck is stacked so against her, I think she deserves more of our fight…”

Jennifer Furin, MD  - One baby at a time, part 2

One woman’s story is a collection of multimedia projects focusing on individuals who invited me to record moments of their lives, to document the tales of their predicaments. In sharing these stories my hope is that they become supportive links between ’one woman’ and countless more.

Walking the walk

Transfer 'ensemble'

Congo: Just here suffering

Haiti-Boston: Got your goat

Lesotho: One baby at a time, part 2


Congo: Documenting tales of terror